In House Services

Compass and Searchlight Repair:

Compasses and searchlights are important safety tools that should be every boat. And at Brewers’ we don’t just sell them we also do factory authorized compass and searchlight repair, done on site by a trained professional who has been doing this sort of work since 1995. We are a registered Ritchie Repair Centre but we can also do some other brands (please inquire) as well as all ITT searchlights.

E.P.I.R.B.’s & P.L.B.’s

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons and Personal Locator Beacons are essential for your safety on the water. So whether you’re looking to buy a new one, get one reprogrammed or just need your battery changed. Come to us, we are the ONLY place in Central Canada that does Factory authorized work on ACR and McMurdo EPIRBs and PLBs.

Swaging and Crimping

Lifelines? Shrouds? Forestays? Backstays? Topping lifts? Whatever you need done, we can do. We do Swaging (up to 3/8” wire thickness) and Crimping (up to 3/16” wire) custom ordered for any job you might have. We carry both 1x19 and 7x19 Stainless Steel wire as well as PVC coated 7x7 Stainless Steel wire.


Brewers’ also does splicing! Whether its rope to chain for anchoring. Rope to wire for halyards. Just an eye-splice on itself for docking, or with a thimble in it for any other application. Braided or twisted lines. And it can be done with any of the materials that we carry (Nylon, Polyester, Olefin, or Polypropylene)